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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

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Well, big day "again" as I thought this was yesterday ,so got up at 4am. Picked up Patsy at 5;20am and went to airport ,only "WRONG DAY"So this morning did the same routine and got to airport and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wall to wall uniforms all over the place. And the USO really did an outstanding job. They had booths set up for the troops going home for Christmas. And Santa set up to take pictures and and "hooter" girls. And a "hooter" queen,(I think she was) and we weeded our way through and Carol Biggerstaff,Patsy Jackson,Tauba Ingenthron went and stood with our banners to show our support which was a big hit. As sooooo many of the troops loved The saying "IF YOU DONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM" And we met Lt. Cols.,Cols, a General but he most important were PFC's and from all over the U.S. We greeted as many as we could passed out our cards. And got our picture taken by alot of them who were on their way home for the holidays. And met BG Watson ,from Fort Leonard Wood, and he invited us to come down and he would take us through their training area.and I asked if we could do the course?? Of course he said no. What a Gentleman.he is the one between Carol and Tauba And having our picture taken with Santa and the troops. What a hoot!!!!!!!! And today is Carol Biggerstaffs birthday!!!!!!!!! So two of the officers we had met. I asked if they could go and say "happy Birthday" well, they did better ,they got others with them and they sang to her. Good gift to a great girl!!!!!!!! So it was a good day. Over 6000 troopers arrived at Lambert Airport, heading home for the HOLIDAYS
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