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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

Sent from the Troopers Sent from the Troopers Sgt Erika Grubaugh myself (far left) and my medic, SPC Jeremy Rowden, Interpreter (Niam), SPC Collins and SSG Sangco. One of Riverton Police Dept's adopted soldiers 35853417 Sgt. Charles Enebrad Riverton Police Department's adopted soldiers. He is stationed in Iraq. 35853481 Sgt. Charles Enebrad 35853479 Sgt. Charles Enebrad 35853480 Sgt. Charles Enebrad 35853418 Curt J. Hewett This picture is of Mr.Keith participating in a re-enlistment of a soldier Singer song writter Toby Keith 35853482 Naval Air Ops Over Afghanistan Me in the cockpit and my large Martian helmet 34863910 Naval Air Ops Over Afghanistan My wingman tanking from an Air Force KC10. 34863909 Naval Air Ops Over Afghanistan Me flying in Aircraft 401 34863911 Caleb Larson 34615917 Daniel Zimmerman 34617238 Daniel Zimmerman 34617279 Daniel Zimmerman 34617280 Pfc George Riley with penpals 34617435 Sgt Kelly Hudgins and family 34617747 Sgt Kelly Hudgins 34617748 Kristin Rankin 32908672 Brandon in Afghanistan 32908850 Brandon in Afghanistan 32908970 527th in Afghanistan 32908971 Ryan Miller in Iraq 32908972 Iraq-sent from Maria Baily 32909155 Iraq-sent from Maria Baily 32909156 Iraq-sent by Maria Baily 32909157 Lt. Jordan-Afghanistan 32909593 MGYSgt Lisa Betts Hawaii 40204473 MGYSgt Lisa Betts 40204474 MGYSgt Lisa Betts (adopted by Liz in Hawaii) 40204475 Warren Beasley He is the one with the fake tattoos 40205199 Anthony Vasi and his new bride Sarah 43810825 with the parents 43810826 Anthony, Ben and grandfather 43810824 Brad Sanders His mother wraps all the gifts sent to the Troops for Christmas 43811215 Glenn Worley 43811508 64973206