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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

TROOPS 2011 TROOPS 2011 137917129 BRAD SAUNDERS,left back row 137917130 chaplain gilliam unit 137917131 the chapel in afghanistan 137917132 meeting with elders in afghanistan 137917133 137917134 SPC MICHAEL SLIDER in Afghanistan 137917135 playing baseball in afghanistan with Michael Sliders unit 137917136 michael slider 137917137 michael slider's unit 137917138 Scotty Wood with us for the memorial walk 137917139 SGT WEIBLE from st peters ,Mo. 137917140 SGT WEIBLE CUTE POSE 137917141 SSG JIMMIE BURNETT in Iraq 137917142 THOMAS CONKLIN/MARINE AFGHANISTAN 137917143 THOMAS CONKLIN 137917144 THOMAS CONKLIN 137917145 PFC MICHAEL STONECIPHER 137917146 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917147 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917148 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917149 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917150 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917151 SGT JOSHUA HADLEY AFGHANISTAN 137917152 Jump Day 138102250 Iraq 2011 138102251 Iraq 2011 138102252 Iraq 2011 138102253