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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

Wishes Granted Wishes Granted Ssg Humbert Dovalina - IRAQ This is our soldier Ssg Humbert Dovalina From Texas, who is in Iraq and his "wish" was to have a guitar to learn to play to his wife when he gets home in 2012. Well Major Wadyako and his wife Carrie got him one. Major took it into a musical store and a young man in there who is a musician didn't think the guitar was not "good enough for a soldier" so this guy got a new one and all the great stuff that goes with it. And here is the picture of Ssg Dovalina and his new "toy". 201114808 SPC JONATHAN SMYLY / AFGHANISTAN A TRP 1-14 CAV 3RD Platoon/received his coffee maker and microwave. 201114809 SPC JONATHAN SMYLY / AFGHANISTAN A TRP 1-14 CAV 3RD Platoon/received his coffee maker and microwave. 201114810 PFC SHAUN MILLER - IRAQ HIS WIFE "WISHED" FOR SPECIAL BOOTS FOR HER HUSBAND WHO WAS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE ONES HE HAD AND BECAUSE OF SPECIAL MEDICAL CARE FOR THEIR DAUGHTER THEY DIDNT HAVE THE FUNDS TO PURCHASE. THE BOOTS WERE SENT TO HIM AND THIS IS HIS THANKS: I wanted to email you and thank you for the boots. I am often gone on mission and I didn't have a good pair of boots to cycle through so my feet don't get bad. I really appreciate what you are doing its nice to see that people care about what soldiers are doing out here. Once again thank you soo much. God Bless, Shaun M Miller 201114811 Wishes Granted I got a total of 6 one day and 2 today i am putting the box out at ur meeting tonight (i submerged it into 1) during our platoon meeting and i will try to get some pics and put them on my facebook and tag you in them thank you so much everybody appeciated the stuff the other day expecially me with the magic jack and i got other people interested in buying themselves magic jack now but im sure today will definately lift some spirits for halloween again thank you so much very much appreciated. 201115004