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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

2010 PICS. OF OUR TROOPS 2010 PICS. OF OUR TROOPS sean on far left on thier way to Afghanistan 105330582 Afghanistan 105330583 Afghanistan 105330584 Afghanistan 105330585 wanna ride? Afghanistan 105330586 Afghanistan 105330587 Afghanistan 105330588 Afghanistan 105330589 Afghanistan 105330590 Afghanistan 105330591 Afghanistan 105330592 Afghanistan 105330593 Afghanistan 105330594 Afghanistan 105330595 Afghanistan 105330596 Chaplain Brett Johnson Afghanistan 105330597 Erik Gonzalez in Iraq,dressed up for Halloween 105330598 Erik Gonzalez Iraq 105330599 Erik Gonzalea Iraq 105330600 Chaplain Johnson from the Chaplain ,taken of a soldier in Afghanistan ,"taking a snooze" 105330601 James Fernandez Afghanistan 105330602 Kyle Suggs Afghanistan 105330603 Iraq this is after the U.S. Government says combat over in Iraq. someone needed to tell the insurgents. these are our troops at a base that was just hit in Iraq 105330604